I Remember When

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Jimmie Biggom

I remember when Lynne Was a source of love and encouragement as a person coming to love Jehovah at St.Clair congregation. 1965-1970's - Jimmie

Freida Hardiman

I remember when Lynn and her kids and my mom and her kids use to go to the park together.

Lena Asberry

I remember Lynne as my sister and my friend no I'm just so so much

Alma Brewton

We Were The Best Of Neighbors - All My Love to You My Dear Sister!!!

Edith Duncan

I remember when Lynne walked down the street coming from work, she would stop and talk to my mom about what Rhonda and I had been doing.. she was a friendly woman. I know you are going to miss her. God Bless

James & Felishaun Braden

I remember when Lynne first met us, she gave us the biggest smile and hug, my sister welcomed us to Twinsburg. She made us feel at home.

Pati Kovanda

I remember when Lynne came back to the truth. I was new to the hall and she showed me love and kindness.

Clifford and Mary Collins

I remember Lynne's beautiful smile!

Michael & Mary Crump

When we skated at the Playmor. We carried our skates to the Kingdom Hall & we left when it was concluded. We'd rather skate than eat. But not rather than our preaching. That was first.

Sonya McDowell

I remember Lynne as we worked in service while at the Hayden congregation , such a lovely person.

Linda Perry

I remember when Lynne lived in the apartment across the hall from us. Our families were close. I used to babysit for her. Never did I imagine I would end up marrying her brother. I truly will miss her.

Markietta L Wilson

I look forward to getting to know her in paradise. With her bright smiling face that would light up any room. Till we see her again.

Sparks Family

I remember when Lynne would grab our kids off of the school bus after school. She loved them as her own......

Beverly Dickerson

I remember when Lynne came over after service and Kevin fixed her lunch..

Ralph & Charlotte Bane

I remember when Lynne introduced me to her late brother Kenny.

Donny Davis

I remember when Lynn would take me to school, practice, and attend my basketball and football games. My grandma was my biggest fan. She was very supportive and was like a mom to me. She taught me responsibility and dedication of hard work. My grandma was always positive and had a smile that would light up the room. I remember spending time with Lynn while she was in Hospice. She was positive and keep a smile on her face. She should her strength and fight during her last days with us. Lynn will definitely be missed.

Jessica Walker

I remember when Lynne would sit up front in the meetings and always comment, sing and tell me not to give up!! Sister Moore did not allow her physical illness to stop her from serving Jehovah!!!!

Ralph and Carole Perry

I remember when Lynne cared for me when I was a baby.

Marietta Stevenson

I remember when Lynne lived next door to me and we became friends, around 1960. She was such a caring person.

Tajuana Jefferson

I remember when Lynne and I ( Tajuana Jefferson) worked together in the ministry we had a natural ball. Her beautiful smile and contagious laugh I will miss, but not for long

Laura Brooks

I remember when I was dating and I wanted to wait till the last minute to go home...we were late and My Dad locked us out of the house 12 midnight. Well Sonny and Lynn took us in that night till My Dad answered the phone...We told him where we were and he said ok but to get home quick. Both got on punishment.

Alexa Hernandez (Allen)

I remember when Lynne picked me up from school and took me out in service. She helped me reach my goal of pioneering and always supported me as much as she could. She really was a blessing.

Donna King

I will always remember what I learned from her. My condolences to the family

James Sizemore

I remember when Lynne came to Charlotte and I was so impressed by her smile and cheerful spirit.

Janice Thomas

I remember when Lynn and I worked together at Pick-N-Pay and the good times we had. She was a nice person and friend.

May Garcia

I never met sister Moore but I'm sure she had a kind heart like Brother Davis.

Darlene Byers

I am sorry I didn't get to meet her. Since I know Brother Davis there is no doubt she was a special person whom I look forward to meeting in the new system.

Debbie Satterwhite

I remember when Lynne welcomed me with open arms and gave me so many encouraging words when I returned to Twinsburg, I will always remember her lovely smile!!

Mary J. Wilson

I am not sure what Lynn would have said, but I am sure she was happy to be called one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Michele Brown

I did know Sister Moore, but seeing her beautiful picture and knowing Brother Davis and his family I know she was a kind and loving sister. Much love

Valerie Sweetenburg

Even though I haven't met Sis Moore on this side of Armageddon, I am looking forward to laugh with her and work with her in paradise. :)

Derrick Perry

I remember when Lynne (my Aunt) allowed me to spend many of my weekends at her house. She always had a very soothing and calming voice. She was like a 2nd mom. I also enjoyed spending time with my cousins and they were like my brothers and sisters.

Juanita Roseboro

Sending my condolence to the entire family. I did not know your mom but look forward to meeting her when all things will be made new as Jehovah promises. We keep them close in our memories until we see them again.

Michelle Brewton-Goodman

I remember when Lynne (Mrs Davis) made me my first plate of collard greens with sliced tomatoes, diced onions, vinegar and hot sauce. It was so good! I can still taste it till this day.

Clifford and Mary Collins

I remember Lynne's beautiful smile!

Felica Williams

I remember when Lynne would sing along with whatever music was playing and she would be a beat behind, singing as if it was in slow motion! We would all laugh so hard!

Floyd Townsend

I remember when Lynne would pick up Rhonda from the Urban League in her Benz and take her home.